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Cash Discount Program 

 Eliminate up 95% of your Processing fees!

Increased Revenue

‍Up to 4% Savings

Are you ready to BE FREE from credit card processing fees? Ready to take control of your payments? That's exactly what the Cash Discount program is for.

Some systems allow you to control what the customer pays.

Avoid raising prices on your cash transactions.

Offset the fees you pay for credit card processing.

More Money, Freedom, Growth!!

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How Does It Work?

Ok. So image not having to pay for your ability to accept credit/debit cards anymore. Do we have your attention now?

I thought so.

 The cash discount program puts the cost of accepting credit and debit cards back onto the customer at the time of the sale. 

You, the merchant, let the customer know that there is a small fee for accepting credit/debit cards by posting small signage at the cash register and entry door.

The customer agrees by signing the receipt. If the customer doesn't want to pay the fee, they can pay with cash, check or gift card and the fee is waived. (aka, Cash Discount)

Most of our customers are seeing a reduction of merchant processing cost by 95%. Some are even 100%. 

What does this mean to you? Those hundreds or even thousands of dollars spent each month for processing now come back to you!!!

For Example

The cost of the purchase is $27.62

The non-cash fee is $1.10

The total cost is $28.72

At the end of the day or whenever you batch out, the $27.62 goes to your bank account (all of it)!!

The $1.10 fee goes directly to the processor to cover the processing cost.

You keep 100% of your sale!

Now, I know what your thinking. Is this legal?

Yes! 100% legal.

We could fill pages with all the legal documents to prove this but to get to the point of it...

A large class action lawsuit was filed against all the major card companies by hundreds of merchants.

Basis for this law suit...

Mitchell Katz, spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, said in 2011, "The Dodd-Frank Law prohibits a payment card network such as Visa and Mastercard from inhibiting the ability to provide a discount for payment by cash, debit cards or credit cards...neither surcharging nor cash discounting is illegal."

They won the suit and in 2016 the Cash Discount program was created.

This is a major game changer in the payments industry. 

You, the Merchant, are now able keep what you work so hard for.

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