One Company - One Solution


About Us

One Company - One Solution

Christopher Consulting is a small business with a big bite. We have spend years developing relationships with multiple companies and not just any run of the mill companies but the best in their industries. These relationships allow us to shop for the best solutions for our customers. It also allows us to bundle solutions such as merchant processing, electricity services and even business security systems. Plus a whole lot more. Give us a call or drop us an email and schedule a time for us to come out and see where we can help you and your business grow.

Hub & Spoke

The Hub & Spoke analogy has been a core concept from day one. Christopher Consulting is the Hub with all our business partners as the Spokes in our wheel of solutions. This allows us to offer more services and solutions than your average business consulting company. As we grow, so does our number of Spokes. We are always looking for newer and better programs we can offer our customers. 

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